For over twelve years Buster was my traveling companion. I followed his trails….

Buster was a Labrador Retriever, a bit neurotic and afraid of thunderstorms, black frying pans, doorbells and fireworks. But he loved a good trip. Especially if they included dog bones, treats, a soft patch of ground to sleep on and plenty of places to smell. He’d hear the car keys jangling and see me heading toward the garage, and he’d be at my feet.

All fears thrown away, all for the joy of adventure on the road.

There are three wonderful places for the dog in your life – one on the sea, one by a mountain and another in the city. Choose your place and have a happy dog.

Dog Friendly Getaway – Inn by the Sea, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

The Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, is the perfect retreat. It is a beachy place with a spa appeal. Visitors stay right on a secluded cover, complete with foggy islands and wild roses, with in-room spa services for both pet and pampered guests. Buster was greeted with water bowls, a cozy blanket, gourmet bones and a pet menu for the evening. Nearby are various walking rails by the ocean and through woods with dog-friendly beaches and leash-free parks. For now, we take the Inn’s wooden boardwalks to the sea through pine and scrub oak. The silence and sea air combine with Buster’s wagging tail.

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Glynn House, Ashland, New Hampshire

Nestle along a quite side street in Ashland, the Glynn house  is in the center of lake and mountain country. Located on what was originally called “Millionaire Row,” dogs are still free to be dogs. Immediately upon arriving, Buster goes hunting for bushes and trees, and he finds hidden nooks and crannies for exploring.

At check-in, dogs are given welcome packages of toys, treats, water and food bowls and a choice of floor mats. Buster is, of course, too busy to pick his bed for the evening, so I choose a fleece cushion with squirrels on it for his enjoyment.

With a private porch and cushioned swing as a greeting, I’m tempted to just sit and swing. The suite has a four-poster queen bed and two-person jetted hot tub. There’s even a separate sitting area with a flat-screen television. I remind myself that Buster and I came for the hiking.

After a brisk day-long excursion in the mountains I am rewarded that night as I sit in bubbles in the jetted tub and toast the night with a glass of Chardonnay. Buster chews his rawhide bone. His tail curls against his fleece squirrel bed. Good choice.

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Dog-Friendly in Boston – Copley Square Hotel, Boston, MA

Located in Back Bay, there’s an urbane funkiness at Copley Square Hotel in Boston that is comforting and a bit of an escape from reality. With a 5 o’clock complimentary wine tasting in the side lobby, the leather couches are filled with Newbury Street shoppers, Red Sox couples and those away for the weekend. Candles line the windows and tables and give everyone a glow. Upscale but not uptight, it’s like coming home to an intimate gathering of friends. The lights are low. The muted jazz is on. And they allow dogs. In fact, they love dogs. There’s a “Hotel Dog” named Lola who occasionally wanders the lobby and the wine-tasting nooks. All dogs are given elegant water and food bowls and complimentary biscuits. All well and good, but dogs need walking, as do people. So, I walk the wide-open streets of Boston. It’s about to rain and feels like a perfect night to take a stroll toward the Charles River.

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